Westminster Voting Intention, By Media Consumption (7-10 June)

June 12, 2024
R&WS Research Team
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British voters’ media consumption habits have changed massively in the three decades since The Sun declared, in the aftermath of the 1992 General Election, “It’s The Sun Wot Won It.” 

Today, fewer than one-in-six voters say newspapers (in either their paper or online editions) are their primary source of news. At the same time, just a third of voters say television news is their primary source of news, with both of these more traditional mediums suffering as new social media platforms like X and Facebook have become increasingly important sources of news for many.

Nevertheless, newspaper and television coverage still has an ability to shape voters’ perceptions of the current election campaign, especially when (and how) they cover high-profile events such as Rishi Sunak’s decision to leave the D-Day commemorations in Normandy early last week.

With the General Election now only three weeks away, how different are the Voting Intentions of British voters when broken down by which newspaper they read or TV news channel they watch?

In our latest ‘Mega Poll,’ released on Monday, we find Labour leading the Conservatives among every set of newspaper readers and TV channel watchers. Labour’s lead over the Conservatives ranges from as wide as 31% among those who typically use Channel 4 (48% to 17%) to as narrow as 8% among those who typically use GB News (29% to 21%).

However, more than one-third (36%) say they will vote for Reform UK among those who typically use GB News for news, with Labour and the Conservatives forced into second and third place among this group of voters.

When limited to those who select their primary TV news channel for news (i.e., it is the first channel they go to, rather than one of many that they may ordinarily use), we find the same pattern.

Labour holds leads over the Conservatives with viewers of every channel listed except GB News. Among those who say GB News is their primary news channel source for news, a majority (60%) say they will vote for Reform UK.

Labour holds wide leads over the Conservatives with readers of The Observer (50% to 8%), The Guardian (50% to 13%), and The Daily Mirror (51% to 15%).

Labour also leads among those who read more conservative newspapers, including The Daily Express (41% to 27%), The Daily Mail (37% to 24%), and The Telegraph (34% to 21%).

About a fifth of those who read the Telegraph (21%) and Daily Mail (19%) will now vote for Reform UK.

When our voting intention is broken down by respondents’ primary newspaper or magazine news source, a majority of Daily Mirror (53%), The Guardian (52%), and The Observer (51%) readers will vote Labour.

Among readers of The Sun, whose endorsement Tony Blair heavily courted before the 1997 Election, a plurality of 43% say they will vote Labour on 4 July, against only 22% who will vote Conservative and 17% who will vote Reform UK.

Even among voters whose primary source of print news are conservative publications like The Daily Express (28%), The Daily Mail (25%), and The Telegraph (22%), the Conservative Party does not break 30% in our voting intention poll.

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