Voters Prefer the Conservatives’ Slogan Over Labour’s

June 14, 2024
R&WS Research Team
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What’s in a slogan? 

Political campaigns have long used catchy slogans to mobilise and energise supporters behind their cause, or to impugn their rivals.

But there are campaign slogans that resonate, even well beyond an election, and campaign slogans that do not. For every ‘Yes, We Can’ and ‘Take Back Control,’ there is a ‘Strong and Stable’ or a ‘Make Your Wet Dreams Come True’ (Yes, really).

In the initial days of this General Election, all the major parties unveiled their slogans under which they will be contesting the election. The Labour Party has been running under the simple, one-word banner of ‘Change.’ The Conservatives, meanwhile, have gone for the somewhat more complex construction of ‘Clear Plan. Bold Action. Secure Future.’

In the immediate aftermath of the election being called, we at Redfield & Wilton Strategies, in partnership with The Independent, asked British voters which of the major parties’ slogans they were most inspired by, without indicating to respondents whose slogan was whose.

When the slogans of all the major parties were prompted, and respondents were asked to choose which one inspired them the most, an equal number of 22% each chose ‘Change’ and ‘Clear Plan. Bold Action. Secure Future.’ A similar number (21%) also chose Reform UK’s slogan ‘Britain Needs Reform’.

8% of voters in Scotland said they were most inspired by the SNP’s slogan (‘Unite for Independence’) while 4% of voters in our small sub-sample for Welsh voters said they were most inspired by Plaid Cymru’s slogan ‘For Fairness. For Ambition. For Wales.’

A further 19% of our national sample did not know which slogan they were most inspired by.

However, when voters were offered a straight choice between ‘Change’ and ‘Clear Plan. Bold Action. Secure Future,’ 44% chose the latter, while 35% chose the former. 20% said they didn’t know.

In a subsequent poll, we then asked voters if they associated the two main parties more with their actual slogans, or an alternative slogan which is the opposite of their current one.

For Labour, the response was positive in favour of their actual slogan. 55% of voters associated the Labour Party with ‘Change,’ while 31% associated it with ‘No Change.’

For the Conservatives, however, their chosen campaign slogan is completely out of step with how much of the public sees them.

Only 26% associated the Conservative Party with ‘Clear Plan. Bold Action. Secure Future.’ By contrast, a majority of 60% associated the party with an alternative slogan of ‘Unclear plan. Inaction. Uncertain future.’

As we wrote in yesterday’s Magnified email, the Conservative Party does not have the credibility to carry their slogan. Even though their slogan is better, it simply does not work due to the public’s views of the party’s record in Government.

Labour, meanwhile, has chosen a safe slogan. Few people will remember it years into the future, but it does align with what the public thinks Labour is offering.

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