Amid questions about potential restarting the Premier League, Championship, and Football League seasons, we at Redfield & Wilton took the opportunity to ask a brief question on the subject on our Thursday poll. We asked what they thought would be the best way to compensate for the matches lost since the various league competitions were postponed in March. Our three options presented to respondents also kept in mind the start of the next season, which in ordinary times would start in August.

Altogether, we found a plurality of respondents in favour of voiding this season so that the next season can start in time. A third of respondents favoured counting the standings as is as the final result of the season, and only 21% selected finishing this season even if the start of the next season would then go on to be postponed.

Interestingly, this array of responses did not change for any specific demographic views. All ages, regions, genders and political backgrounds had similar preferences.

Of course, one question in one poll is only a snapshot in public sentiment. It also does not capture creative ideas, such as taking into account that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar may take place in January for weather-related reasons. If that happens, why not, for instance, shift the next season to 2021 in its entirety? Such context was not provided to respondents.

And even as the majority of the public appears to prefer trying to keep the normal football scheduling intact for the longer term by ending this season now one way or another, the finances and even contractual obligations for some clubs may depend on seeing out the rest of this season’s matches.

This research was also published in The Express.

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