A week and a half after the Queen issued a televised address to the nation on the coronavirus crisis, we at Redfield & Wilton Strategies found the public to have been warmly receptive to what she had said. Altogether, two thirds of respondents to our poll of 1,500 on Wednesday said they had seen her speech. Of those who had seen her speech, 70% said they were positively affected by what she said. Only 6% said they were negatively affected by her speech.

Altogether, a majority of respondents to our poll said they approved of how the Royal Family and the Queen had been responding to the coronavirus crisis.

When asked whether their views on the Royal Family had improved or worsened as a result of the crisis, however, a majority indicated that their views had not changed.

Thinking about specific members of the Royal Family, the Queen and Prince William saw the most members of the public saying they had improved views of them in the past month.

Prince Harry and Meghan, who had left their Royal duties earlier this year, were the only ones of whom more members of the public cited as having worsened views than improved views in the last month. In fact, a majority of respondents expressed no desire for the couple to return to the UK in light of the coronavirus crisis.

Beyond the Royal Family, members of the public found themselves having more positive views on the NHS, on the Police and on the UK Government. The Media, on the other hand, was the only UK institution which suffered worsening views among the public.

This research was also published in Newsweek: here and here

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