Redfield & Wilton Strategies Collaborates with UK in a Changing Europe to Track Public Attitudes Towards Brexit

December 7, 2021
In association with, 
UK in a Changing Europe

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The 2019 General Election in the United Kingdom will historically be remembered as “The Brexit Election.” The key issue—perhaps even the lone issue—of this election was whether and how the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. With the Conservative Party’s decisive victory, these two questions were politically resolved, and the issue of ‘Brexit’ has subsequently declined in importance for British voters.

Indeed, a central pillar of the Conservative Party’s 2019 campaign, embodied in its slogan “Get Brexit Done,” was for the country to move on from this divisive issue towards other areas of importance for voters. 

However, even as its present political salience has declined, “Brexit” endures as a critical inflection point in the United Kingdom’s history. The event itself has heralded deep, fundamental cultural, economic, and political changes in British society that continue to take shape and develop today, under the currents of day-to-day events and a still ongoing global pandemic.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies is therefore delighted to be collaborating with UK in a Changing Europe to conduct longitudinal research into public attitudes towards this major event.

Through a series of tracker polls, researchers from Redfield & Wilton Strategies will be working with leading academics Professors John Curtice and Anand Menon, Paula Surridge, and Dr Alan Wager, to monitor and study the public’s perceptions on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016 and its ramifications in key areas, ranging from the economy and trade to politics and foreign relations. Read more here from Paula Surridge on the importance of this research, and for further introduction to the collaboration.

You can follow this project and its outputs on our website and our weekly Magnified Email. Regular reports and write-ups will also be produced in the media, the UK in a Changing Europe’s website, and John Curtice’s blog WhatUKThinks.

We encourage interested readers to sign up to receive our weekly ‘Magnified’ briefing email, where Anand Menon and Alan Wager will this week be exploring the politics of Brexit as it relates to today’s Britain.

For our first installment, we will be releasing the results of our Join/Stay Out EU voting intention later today at 2 PM, concurrently with analyses released on the UK in a Changing Europe’s website.

To find out more information about this press release contact our press release team. Redfield & Wilton Strategies is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Follow us on Twitter

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