Latest UK Voting Intention
(May 15)

May 17, 2020
R&WS Research Team
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Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest voting intention poll finds the Conservative Party’s substantial lead reduced to 12%. A noticeable change since our previous voting intention poll is an increase in overall support for Labour, particularly among those who had voted for Labour in December 2019, indicating that Labour supporters are warming up to their new leader Keir Starmer, who has impressed in his criticism of the Prime Minister at recent PMQs. The full numbers of our voting intention poll from Friday (with changes from May 6 in parentheses) are as follows:

            Conservative 47% (-3)

            Labour 35% (+4)

            Liberal Democrat 9% (+2)

            Scottish National Party 4% (–)

            Plaid Cymru 0% (–)

            Green Party 3% (-2)

            Other 2% (-1)

Last time, more past Labour voters said they would not vote or did not know how they would vote. Now, Labour won the support of 82% of its past voters compared to 74% on 6 May.

Although slightly higher than last time, likelihood to vote remain largely unchanged.

It is important to note that one poll is only a partial snapshot at a particular moment in time. The results of this poll differ from those of our recent polls, and it will take multiple polls to determine whether there is a genuine shift in voting sentiment or whether this latest poll is merely an outlier.

After all, the Conservative Party continues to enjoy a strong level of approval in the United Kingdom. When asked whom they would prefer as Prime Minister during the coronavirus crisis, between the leaders of the two main parties, nearly half of respondents preferred Boris Johnson, whereas slightly more than a quarter preferred Keir Starmer, including only 54% of those who had voted for Labour in 2019.

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