Joe Biden Administration Approval Ratings and Hypothetical Voting Intention (8 July 2024)

July 10, 2024
R&WS Research Team
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The latest research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies finds that 46% of Americans disapprove (+3) and 38% approve (-3) of President Joe Biden’s overall job performance as President. His net approval rating (-8%) is six points down from our previous poll conducted on 16-17 June and is his lowest net rating in our US tracker since 1 May.  

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Vice President Kamala Harris’ net approval rating stands at -3% (+2)

In our latest poll, 41% disapprove (-1) and 38% approve (+1) of Kamala Harris’ performance as Vice President.

The economy (59%), abortion (35%), and healthcare (33%) are the top three choices when American voters are asked to name the most important issues facing the country today.

The economy is the most-selected issue for both likely Donald Trump (70%) and Joe Biden (54%) voters. Other important issues for likely Trump voters include immigration (48%), healthcare (24%), and government spending (23%), while 54% of Biden voters select abortion, 41% select healthcare, and 25% select the environment.

Our latest hypothetical voting intention poll, our first since the first televised Presidential Debate on 27 June, finds Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden by 1% nationally.

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After weighing by respondents’ self-declared likelihood to vote, 43% (+2) say they would vote for Trump and 42% (+1) say they would vote for Biden if they were candidates in 2024. 6% (-1) would vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while a further 6% (-2) say they don’t know how they would vote.

In a tight election, with many states likely to be settled by only a few thousand votes, any movement of Biden 2020 voters to Trump or Trump 2020 voters to Biden could make the key difference. 

As it stands, 7% (+3) of Biden 2020 voters now say they will vote for Trump, while just 3% (-1) as Trump 2020 voters say they will vote for Biden. Donald Trump retains the support of 88% (+2) of those who voted for him in 2020, while 81% (+3) of those who voted for Joe Biden in the last Presidential Election say they will do so again. Among those who did not vote in 2020, Trump and Biden are tied on 28%.

Despite only narrowly trailing Trump in our latest poll, President Biden’s performance in the recent television debate has led to calls from a growing number of Democratic donors, elected officials, and pundits for him to withdraw from the 2024 Election.

While the President has refused to do so in recent days, pressure continues to build, and his future in the race appears uncertain.

Several potential alternative Democratic candidates have been floated, including Vice-President Kamala Harris.

However, Vice-President Harris fares worse than Joe Biden in hypothetical voting intention polling against Trump.  

Kamala Harris (37%) trails Trump (44%) by seven points, with 8% saying that, in this scenario, they would vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a further 6% undecided.

In the event that Biden and Trump remain the nominees of their respective parties, a large plurality of Americans believe Trump would be more likely to win the Presidential Election than Biden

44% (+4) of Americans currently say they think Donald Trump would be more likely to win in a contest between the two men, while just 32% (-4) think Joe Biden would be more likely to win. 12% (-1) believe it would be a toss-up.

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