Joe Biden Administration Approval Ratings and Hypothetical Voting Intention (7-8 March 2023)

March 10, 2023
R&WS Research Team
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The latest research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies finds that more Americans find the Biden administration to be incompetent than competent. 

49% of Americans say the Biden administration is incompetent, while 40% say it is competent, giving the administration a net competency rating of -9%.

On matters of policy, 25% name the economy as the policy area in which the Biden administration has performed best, while 18% name the Coronavirus Pandemic

On the flipside, the economy (31%) is also the most popular choice when voters are asked to name the policy area in which the administration has performed the worst, with immigration (15%) the next most common choice.

Regarding the respective party nomination battles ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election, 48% of Americans think Donald Trump is the most likely candidate to be the Republican Party nominee. 14% think Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the most likely person to be the party’s candidate in the next election. Among those who voted for Trump in 2020, 77% think he is the likeliest person to be the nominee again, while 12% think it is DeSantis. 

On the Democratic side, 56% think President Biden is the likeliest person to be the party’s nominee in 2024, followed by 10% who think it is Kamala Harris. 74% of Biden 2020 voters think he is the party’s likeliest nominee in 2024.

In our 2024 hypothetical voting intention poll, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are tied. After weighing by likelihood to vote, 44% of respondents say they would vote for Biden (up one point from two weeks ago) and 44% say they would vote for Trump (+2) if they were candidates in 2024. A further 7% say they don’t know how they would vote (-2).

Large majorities of 2020 Donald Trump voters (89%, -2) and Joe Biden voters (84%, +1) maintain that they would again vote for those respective candidates.

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