Joe Biden Administration Approval Ratings and Hypothetical Voting Intention (5-6 August 2023)

August 11, 2023
R&WS Research Team
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The latest research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies finds that 47% of Americans disapprove (-1) and 36% approve (-4) of President Joe Biden’s overall job performance as President. His net approval rating (-11%) is down three points from our previous poll conducted on 6 July.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ net approval rating stands at -11% (-2). In our latest poll, 44% disapprove (–) and 33% approve (-2) of Kamala Harris’ performance as Vice President.

On matters of policy, the Joe Biden Administration elicits positive net approval ratings for its performance on the coronavirus pandemic (+4%).

Americans give the Administration negative net approval ratings for its performance on all other policy issues listed, including election integrity/democracy (-3%), healthcare (-8%), the environment (-11%), education (-12%), national security and defense (-13%), relations with Russia (-20%), the economy (-20%), relations with China (-21%), crime/policing (-23%), housing (-24%), and immigration (-29%).

Looking ahead to the 2024 Presidential Election, the economy is the top issue that Americans say will determine how they will vote in the election. When asked to select up to three issues that are most likely to determine how they vote in November 2024, 64% select the economy, 34% select healthcare, and 28% select abortion as determinative election issues.

The economy is the most-selected 2024 Election issue for both Donald Trump 2020 (74%) and Joe Biden 2020 (60%) voters. Other important election issues for Biden voters include healthcare (43%), abortion (37%), and the environment (31%), while 42% of Trump voters select immigration, 34% select government spending, and 24% select healthcare.

Our latest hypothetical voting intention finds Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by two points nationally. After weighing by likelihood to vote, 42% say they would vote for Trump (-1) and 40% of respondents say they would vote for Biden (-3) if they were candidates in 2024. A further 11% say they don’t know how they would vote (+2).

Large majorities of 2020 Donald Trump voters (87%, +2) and Joe Biden voters (80%, -3) maintain that they would again vote for those respective candidates. 

If Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden are the candidates in 2024, 41% of voters currently say they will vote for Biden (-2), while 34% (-4) say they will support DeSantis

Should Vivek Ramaswamy win the Republican nomination, and if Joe Biden were his Democratic opponent in 2024, 41% of voters currently say they will vote for Biden, while 36% say they will vote for Ramaswamy

An alternative 2024 Kamala Harris campaign produces a lead of four points for the former President. If Donald Trump and Kamala Harris are the 2024 nominees, 42% of Americans say they will vote for Trump (-1) and 38% say they will vote for Harris (-1). In this scenario, 12% say they don’t know how they will vote (+1).

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