Joe Biden Administration Approval Ratings and Hypothetical Voting Intention (19 February 2023)

February 22, 2023
R&WS Research Team
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The latest research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies finds that 45% of Americans disapprove (+1) and 40% approve (+1) of President Joe Biden’s overall job performance as President. His net approval rating (-5%) is unchanged from our previous poll conducted on 28-29 January.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ net approval rating stands at -2% (+1). In our latest poll, 40% disapprove (-1) and 38% approve (–) of Kamala Harris’ performance as Vice President.

On matters of policy, the Joe Biden Administration elicits positive net approval ratings for its performance on the coronavirus pandemic (+13%), election integrity/democracy (+6%), healthcare (+5%), the environment (+2%), and national security & defense (+1%). 

Americans give the Administration a neutral rating for its performance on education (0%) and negative net approval ratings for its performance on immigration (-12%), crime/policing (-11%), the economy (-9%), housing (-8%), relations with China (-8%), and relations with Russia (-6%).

Our latest hypothetical voting intention finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 1%. After weighing by likelihood to vote, 43% of respondents say they would vote for Biden (+4) and 42% say they would vote for Trump (+1) if they were candidates in 2024. A further 9% say they don’t know how they would vote (-2).

Large majorities of 2020 Donald Trump voters (91%, +6) and Joe Biden voters (83%, +5) maintain that they would again vote for those respective candidates. 

If Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden are the candidates in 2024, 43% of voters currently say they will vote for Biden (+3), while 34% (-5) say they will support DeSantis

An alternative 2024 Kamala Harris campaign produces a lead of one point for the former President. If Donald Trump and Kamala Harris are the 2024 nominees, 42% of Americans say they will vote for Trump (-1) and 41% say they will vote for Harris (+3). In this scenario, 11% say they don’t know how they will vote (–).

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