Blackpool South

By-election to be held on May 2nd. Conservative majority of 3,690.

Bristol Central

Green Target #1. Green Party Co-Leader Carla Denyer will stand here.

Bury North

Most marginal seat in Britain in the 2019 General Election.


Plaid Cymru Target #2. Labour Target #78.

Chipping Barnet

325th Most Winnable Seat for the Conservatives. Losing here could deny them outright majority.


322nd Most Winnable Seat for Labour. Could give them at least a working majority.

Godalming & Ash

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s constituency. Liberal Democrat Target Seat #32.

Islington North

Jeremy Corbyn’s Constituency. Labour Majority of 26,188 in 2019.

Leeds Central

Youngest constituency in Great Britain. Hilary Benn’s constituency.

Portsmouth North

Conservative majority of 15,780 in 2019. Penny Mordaunt has been the MP here since 2010. Labour target 223.


Conservative Majority of 628. Liberal Democrat Target Seat #3. Labour Target Seat #101.