Slide Hire Us If you are interested in hiring us to conduct research specific to your organisation’s or campaign’s needs, please email us at [email protected]. Philosophy We believe that, on any issue, there is chasm between what is reported in the press and what the public actually thinks. Some might see this as a problem. We see it as an opportunity. By asking the right questions, we strive to bring to light these fundamental differences and to find creative ways for you, your campaign, or your brand to engage with the public at a deeper level. Our Approach Working in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and across Africa, our team of campaigners, researchers and pollsters have run large and small campaigns, particularly helping bring niche issues to worldwide attention.

We take a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach that develops sophisticated, unique polling data and presents it in a clear and useful format. Altogether, we can provide you and your organization with:  
  1. An experienced team of polling, research, and campaign professionals.
  1. In-depth insights into the latest changes in public attitudes and the effect those changes will have for you and your organisation.
  1. Strategic advice developed from our polling research and prior experience to help you find the right messages for the right audiences at the right time.
Redfield & Wilton Strategies are accredited members of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s Transparency Initiative and British Polling Council and abides by their rules.

For examples of some of our work, please see our latest research.