Current UK Voting Intention: March

March 24, 2020
R&WS Research Team
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A month and a half after our last voting intention poll, Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest poll in Great Britain shows that not much has changed, despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Altogether, when taking into account likelihood to vote and excluding respondents who said they did not know how they would vote in a general election, our poll shows the Conservative Party at 47.3%, maintaining it’s near 20% lead over Labour at 28.5%.

If there was to be a General Election in the United Kingdom in the near future, for which party would you vote for?

Those who voted Conservative in 2019 also showed themselves to be more enthusiastic about voting, with 78% saying they were certain to vote. By comparison, 64% of past Labour voters were certain to vote.

This may be a reflection of the age breakdown of voting patterns, rather than enthusiasm for a particular party. The older generation tends to be more reliable voters and also presently tend to vote more for the Conservative Party.

If there was to be a General Election in the United Kingdom in the near future, when it is safe for an election to be held, how likely would you be to vote?  

Nevertheless, our poll has not yet shown any political changes as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Voters are neither more nor less likely to vote for a given party compared to where they were in our last poll in February.

In part, this may be a result of how apolitical Great Britain has been since the last election, when many voters chose simply to move on by endorsing Prime Minister’s Boris Johnson’s appealing ‘Get Brexit Done’ slogan. With a currently leaderless Labour Party, there is no opposition seriously challenging and questioning what this Government is doing during this present crisis. That may change over time. For now, however, the Conservatives continue to command a strong lead in the polls.

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